Threats from the Shadowfell

Sample character backgrounds

I expect you guys to either take these samples and expand on them(to each his own please) or to totally create your own, keep in mind that i will be looking at these and will_Use these in the story_

Aria the Phantasmic- A gnome wizard who delights in illusions and deceiving her enemies. Using phantom images, voices, and other sorts of noises.

“Her Servant”- A human avenger who worships the Raven Queen. Not much is known about this particular individual except his quiet, reserved nature. Unless he thinks it’s important, or if the person is worthy of his time, he will not speak. He is a shadowy figure with long white hair and a dark cloak with the emblem of the Raven Queen embroidered on the back.

Zarra- A drow rogue. Realizing her natural abilities pertaining to hiding and all rogues stand for she took it up and excelled. Renouncing Lolth and fleeing to the surface she now tries to find a way to survive in this very bright world. Finding she wasn’t coldhearted enough to survive in the underdark with her kin. Douven found her and taught her many things about adventuring and she found a friend, a rare thing for a drow to find or even to have. Worried for his safety she sets out on the road to find her only friend.

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